Saturday, October 4, 2008

a little more about Sarah Palin

Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are in different leagues. During the debate, Biden proved that he is capable of understanding complex issues, handling power responsibly and changing the standing of America in the world. Palin proved she is capable of standing on a stage and speaking memorized talking points, and managing a small town and a state with a large amount of frozen land and a very small population of around 670,000 – about the same as one good-sized city.

Remember, Palin has proven to us over the last several weeks that, without a script, complex national and international issues are beyond her understanding. The brain power is not there. She strings together as many talking points as she can, whether or not it has anything to do with the subject. Without a script, her answers are as nonsensical as a beauty queen up on the stage answering a question with babble and then ending with “world peace.”

The Republican Party insulted the public's intelligence by setting up a well-coached Sarah Palin to face off with Joe Biden, her head filled with nothing more than the clich├ęs she's been babbling on the campaign trail. Most of us did not fall for the trick. That is why the majority of polls show Biden as the winner by double digits. When can we see this woman actually speak her own mind? Oh, yes, I forgot – she tried to do that in the Katie Couric interviews – yes, that really went well, didn't it?

Since she did well keeping to her talking points during the debate, even though she did not really answer most of the questions, she will now be declared the winner by her base and then kept out of the media, touring states where she can speak to the choir in her cutesy colloquialisms. By November 4, Sarah will have been well in the background. The election will once again become Obama vs McCain.

Palin seems to think she will be running the Senate, as she indicated in her debate. She needs to study the constitution and try her best to understand what her job will be: to break tie votes. But with a larger majority of Democrats, there will be no tie votes to break.

I’m “gonna betcha” that if McCain wins, Sarah will be kept completely in the background, occasionally attending ceremonies and giving her scripted speeches, but mostly forgotten.