Thursday, April 1, 2010

The “No You Can't” scream by John Boehner

I'm a politically moderate (slightly left-leaning) Christian who believes that government should provide some socialist programs such as Medicare and Social Security for the elderly. I also believe that government should make sure that all citizens receive healthcare. It is a God-given right – not just a privilege.

If you are truly a follower of Christ, you know he taught nothing like the ideas that the rightwing believes in: like not providing services to the poor, increasing the income inequality gap by giving the most tax cuts to the top 2%, lessening banking regulations and allowing banks to run rampant on the average fiscally undereducated citizens, not giving healthcare for people who can't afford it, hating undocumented workers, exploiting children in foreign countries economically and socially for their goods and services, supporting child slavery through money sent across the globe to get things done your way, strapping guns on to intimidate, or torturing anyone.

Jesus taught just the opposite.

If you are truly Christian, be still and listen to the voice of Jesus preaching love for God and love for all your neighbors – including those whom you dislike. Read and soak in the Sermon on the Mount with the Beatitudes. Stop listening to rightwing politicians tell you that God is on their side. They are lying.

A viral video, based on's "Yes We Can" from the 2008 primaries, was inevitable. It was edited to include Minority Leader Boehner screaming, “Hell, no you can’t!”

I'm not sure anyone needs to write or create anything further about American politics in 2010. This pretty much says it all.

New video:

And here is the wonderful 2008 video for your pleasure: