Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conspiracy theories abound

Barack Obama waggled his birth certificate in our faces 10 days ago to prove he is a United States citizen. Then, just to underline the point, he sent troops to kill Osama bin Laden last Sunday, bagging a trophy that had eluded George “Bring It On” Bush for more than seven years. In fact, Bush got so frustrated about not being able to find bin Laden that he announced it did not matter. He said that bin Laden was no longer important.

Now President Obama is being accused of faking bin Laden’s death by the rightwing fringe that sees our president as conniving and full of sinister machinations.

Just how dumb are these Americans, anyway? When will the mainstream news media do its job and stop enabling these crackpots?

I was aghast on April 27 as the president of the United States went on television to persuade his fellow countrymen that he is indeed a fellow countryman. It was mortifying. No other president has had to do such an abasing thing. It was racist to the core.

You are unlikely to find an African-American who does not see racism in Obama having to show his ‘long form’ birth certificate. There are many Caucasian-Americans, like me, who feel the same way. But Obama felt he had to show us the birth certificate.

On Monday, a sizable number of rightwing Americans still said they believe the birth certificate is a fake – and added that bin Laden’s death is a hoax.


Conspiracy theories always slither around the edges of public discourse: Lyndon B. Johnson was behind John F. Kennedy’s assassination; Dick Cheney brought down the World Trade Towers; the world is really flat…

…and the moon landing never really happened.

From: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/05/10/2864205/commentary-media-needs-to-ignore.html